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Fillers & Volumizers

Dermal fillers immediately replace lost volume and restore youthful contour to the
skin, smoothing away moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. We have a full range of products to address different areas of the face and will help you determine the one that fits your needs. Some of the most commonly treated areas include nasolabial folds, cheeks, hollows under the eyes, and lips.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers & Volumizers?

Hyalauronic Acid fillers and volumizers reduce the depth of facial folds and wrinkles. They are often a good choice as a dermal filler because of their compatibility with the human body. In fact, this substance is naturally found in almost every single living thing. When injected, it acts like an inflated cushion to support facial structures and tissues that may have lost volume or elasticity due to normal aging. It also brings water to the surface of skin to keep it looking fresh and supple. These fillers give a very natural feel and appearance and can be dissolved by a medical professional if desired.

Fillers and Volumizers Dr. Kienstra uses:

Restylane ®
Restylane Silk ®
Restylane Lyft®
Juvederm® Ultra
Juvederm® Ultra Plus

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® Aesthetic is a different type of volumizer that reshapes the face gradually. This more gradual change in the fullness of the face provides a totally natural appearance without giving away the fact that you have “had something done.”

An injectable L-polylactic acid, Sculptra® stimulates the body to create new layers of your own collagen. As the volume of collagen produced by the body increases, the areas of lost volume fill out. The results are subtle, appearing over a period of a few months. Treatment with Sculptra® consists of several sessions over a period of months, and the results can last for up to two years or longer.