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Tired of hiding the raised spots on your face, neck, arms, or chest?

It could be a naturally occurring and treatable skin condition called seborrheic keratoses (SKs). These non-cancerous SK spots can be flat or raised with a color that ranges from your normal skin tone to darker. Flat SKs have a velvety or shiny appearance but may get bigger and multiply overtime. Those that become raised tend to be thicker with a waxy or rough texture.

If you are looking for a solution to these raised SKs, we invite you to explore the ESKATA® topical treatment option and request a consultation with our Kienstra team.

What is ESKATA®?

ESKATA is the first and only FDA-approved topical treatment for raised SKs. Applied in-office, the procedure includes the use of ESKATA’s proprietary solution and a soft-tip, pen-like applicator to target and treat each raised SK. Clinical studies show that the best results generally occur after two treatments.

How long does it take for spots to clear with ESKATA?

We will evaluate your results approximately 3 weeks after your ESKATA treatment. If the treated SKs are not clear, we may recommend a second ESKATA application, as long as the treatment area is not irritated.

Is ESKATA covered by insurance?

ESKATA is very affordable, but not covered by insurance.

Is ESKATA right for me?

If you are self-conscious about raised spots on your face, neck, arms, or chest, consult our Kienstra team. We will happily help you determine if you are a candidate for ESKATA or guide you towards a more effective treatment.